Global Research Conference (GRaCe 2020)

Global Research Conference (GRaCe 2020)


Important Dates :
Manuscript submission: (sample only)
Notification of acceptance/revisions/rejection:
May 1, 2020
July 1, 2020


Presentation, Scope and Interests

Soft Matter refers to a set of materials ranging from plastics to liquid crystals through gels, colloid pastes, surfactant solutions, biopolymers, foams … These materials have the ability to deform easily and react to weak physical or chemical stresses. This property derives from the nature of the interaction forces whose amplitude is generally comparable to that of the Brownian forces. Entropy also plays a key role. The competition between enthalpic forces and entropic forces is at the origin of self-assembly phenomena that lead to fascinating structures involving a whole hierarchy of scales of length and time. These materials are the basis of a multitude of industrial technical products and convenience. Polymer
blends and block copolymers produce high-performance plastics, recyclable elastomers, barrier films for packaging, adhesives, etc. Our screens and displays contain crystals liquids that can be oriented by the
simple application of an electric field. The formulation of paints, printing inks, cosmetics uses combinations of surfactant molecules, colloids and polymers that achieve the required physicochemical
properties with low concentrations.
The purpose of this session is to present world-class research in various scientific fields related to the proposed themes, to show the diversity of diverse applications that Physics can offer in general, and more particularly soft matter and applications, its highly multidisciplinary character.
The soft matter & Applications session, is aimed at both physicists, chemists and physico-chemists, illustrates how a good knowledge of the basic concepts in soft matter, a resolutely interdisciplinary approach, as well as a lot of imagination,allow to design and develop innovative materials and processes, and for young researchers to show them how the academic knowledge they acquire can be used in cutting-edge research.

The different themes are developed :

 Polymer and Phenomena of interfaces,
 Biological membranes and Composites materials,
 Organic and inorganic nanomaterials and applications,
 Flexible interface fluctuations with applications in lubrication,
 The mechanogenetics of cells and tissues for applications in the diagnosis of cancers,

• The flow of granular media, complex fluids and films and soap bubbles with applications in filming, understanding of extreme impacts, or atmospheric dynamics,

• Nanoparticle interactions with simplified cell membrane models and bacteria for biosensor design applications,

• CFD thermodynamics, rheology, process Modeling and simulation DEM.

Paper Submission and Publication:

Authors are encouraged to submit unpublished papers for this session through electronically via the Select the Soft matter and applications as session type during submission. All the research papers to be presented in this track will be published in the proceeding of AISC series of Springer. Further information regarding the paper submission can be obtained from the conference website


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